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Bloomberg reported that Russia’s super-rich tycoons lost more than USD 3 billion in one day after a top economic aide to the president proposed raising taxes on the nation’s giant metal and mining companies. In a...

Posted By : Ratan Singh 9 hours 52 minutes ago
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Reuters reported that China’s second-largest steelmaking province, Jiangsu, will require steel mills to move to two new areas on the coast in the next few years, according to a provincial government document, to...

Posted By : Ratan Singh 9 hours 57 minutes ago
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PTI reported that Tata Steel Ltd. CEO and MD Mr TV Narendran on Wednesday said the steel sector had been witnessing a positive growth and this trend would continue with improving economic activities across the world.

Posted By : Nanda Koijam 9 hours 42 minutes ago
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AP reported that Turkey announced that it is increasing tariffs on imports of certain US products, including rice, cars, alcohol and coal, escalating a feud with the United States that has helped trigger a currency...

Posted By : Nanda Koijam 9 hours 39 minutes ago
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Global Times reported that China's steel output rose in July to a fourth straight monthly record as mills ran full tilt to cash in on strong profit margins, despite anti-smog measures imposed by local governments.

Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem 9 hours 38 minutes ago
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The Canadian Press reported that Canadian government is planning to introduce safeguards to tackle a flood of steel entering the Canadian market due to exceptional circumstances.

Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem 9 hours 32 minutes ago
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Ahval News reported that White House Press Secretary Ms Sarah Sanders told journalists at a press briefing on Wednesday that Turkey’s tariffs on a list of US goods including cars and alcohol are a regrettable step

Posted By : Ratan Singh 10 hours 10 minutes ago
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RINL-Vizag Steel Plant joined the Nation in celebrating the 72nd Independence Day with patriotic fervour in Ukkunagaram. Mr P Raychaudhury, CMD, RINL unfurled the National Flag, took the salute and inspected the guard...

Posted By : Ratan Singh 10 hours 12 minutes ago
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Daily Sabah reported that Turkish steel producers, hindered by the US with additional taxes, have turned to the Far East to compensate USD 1.3 billion worth of exports. Mr Adnan Arslan, the chairman of the Steel...

Posted By : Ratan Singh 10 hours 15 minutes ago
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Votorantim SA recorded net income of BRL 83 million in the second quarter of 2018, against BRL 554 million in the same period of 2017. Net revenue increased 22% to BRL 8.2 billion between April and June of this year...

Posted By : Nanda Koijam 9 hours 52 minutes ago
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