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AAM Brings Electric Drive Technology to Market

Auto News - Published on Mon, 10 Aug 2020

Image Source: AMM Electric Drive Technology Jaguar IPACE
American Axle & Manufacturing’s Electric Drive Technology powers Jaguar’s first pure-electric model, the I-PACE. AAM supplies both front and rear e-Drive units which together deliver a total of 294 kW of AWD power and 700 Nm of torque. AAM’s Electric Drive unit leverages AAM’s extensive experience in the design, analysis and processing of geared mechanical systems to engineer compact, quiet and efficient drive units that meet the most demanding customer requirements. One of the primary innovations and enablers for AAM’s Electric Drive high-power density is AAM’s planetary helical design enabled by a carburized, precision honed internally toothed ring gear. AAM’s extensive experience in the design, analysis and processing of gears uniquely positioned the company to bring this innovation first to market.

AAM is leveraging this compact planetary concept to bring its next generation high ratio gearboxes to the market in the near term. Using a similar planetary arrangement with the precision honed internally gear technology used in the I-PACE drive unit, AAM will push traction drive motor speeds in it’s EV drive units to 24,000 RPM and beyond. This will significantly reduce the needed active material (copper, electric steel lamination and rare earth magnets) which provides a significant cost reduction as battery electric vehicle technology continues to trend towards cost parity with ICE vehicles.

AAM is the only supplier to have successfully productionized this carburized, precision-honed internal ring gear concept which resolves a key constraint in realizing high speed motors in EV traction drives.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Mon, 10 Aug 2020
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