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Ahwaz Steel Factory workers continue to strike

Steel News - Published on Fri, 16 Nov 2018

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Al Arabiya reported that workers of the Ahwaz Steel Factory continued their ongoing strike for the sixth consecutive day chanting slogans against the Iranian regime. The workers took the streets in Ahwaz and protested in front of the governorate and chanted slogans like “We will not leave from here, until we receive our rights” and cried out that “no nation has seen this much injustice”.

Another slogan chanted focused on the regime saying that Tehran “chant for Imam Hossein, but pride themselves in thieving,” in references of using the third Shia Imam for the government’s own profit.

Several reports suggested that the protesters continued their march and blocked the streets leading up to the governorate.

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Posted By : Joykumar Irom on Fri, 16 Nov 2018
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