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Alacer Gold Reports Results from the Mavialtin Porphyry Belt in the Çöpler District

Mining News - Published on Mon, 17 Feb 2020

Image Source: Alacer Gold
Alacer Gold Corp announced drill results for the Mavialtin Porphyry Belt. Mavialtin is a structural corridor approximately 6-7km wide and extending over approximately 20km from Alacer's producing Çakmaktepe Mine to the Mavidere porphyry deposit. Mavialtin hosts at least four areas of porphyry gold copper mineralization, namely Mavidere, Findiklidere, Saridere and Aslantepe. Building off historical exploration work1, Alacer remapped, reinterpreted and then drilled an additional sixteen diamond drill holes reported here (nine in Mavidere, five in Findiklidere and two in Aslantepe). The drilled holes confirmed and extended the known extent of mineralization in Mavidere, Findiklidere and Aslantepe. The tested porphyries are at or close to surface, with mineralization typical of porphyries and appear to be low in other metals and arsenic.

Notable hole intercepts for each of the drilled porphyries from the 2018 & 2019 drilling campaign include

MD06 (Mavidere): 269.1m @ 0.34% Cu and 0.55 g/t Au from the surface and 73.1m @ 0.24% Cu and 0.28 g/t Au from 281.1m and 6m @ 0.25% Cu and 0.22 g/t Au from 361.2m and 26m @ 0.32% Cu and 0.28 g/t Au from 375.2m and 35m @ 0.33% Cu and 0.17 g/t Au from 432.2m and 104m @ 0.31% Cu and 0.18 g/t Au from 476.2m

FD02 (Findiklidere): 32.1m @ 0.84% Cu and 0.37 g/t Au from 13.4m and 40m @ 0.31% Cu and 0.11 g/t Au from 52.5m and 16.5m @ 1.27% Cu and 0.07 g/t Au from 139.5m and 62m @ 0.27% Cu and 0.04 g/t Au from 190.4m and 5m @ 0.34% Cu and 0.1 g/t Au from 302m and 7m @ 0.23% Cu and 0.06 g/t Au from 333.5m and 36.1m @ 0.37% Cu and 0.08 g/t Au from 352.5m, and 9m @ 0.23% Cu and 0.04 g/t Au from 399.6m, and 26.7m @ 0.27% Cu and 0.07 g/t Au from 414.6m

AT07 (Aslantepe): 63.9m @ 0.22% Cu and 0.45 g/t Au from 46.7m

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Posted By : Nishith Sharma on Mon, 17 Feb 2020
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