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ALRO Slatina Celebrating 55th Anniversary

Metal News - Published on Wed, 01 Jul 2020

Image Source: ALRO Slatina
ALRO Slatina is celebrating its 55th anniversary. Starting to operate in 1965, ALRO currently has two divisions, Primary and Processed Aluminium. After constantly investing in new technology, ALRO reached a production of 265,000 tonnes of electrolytic aluminium per annum, a Cast-House capacity of 325,000 tonnes per annum, while producing around 100,000 tonnes per year of flat-rolled products. The company has invested more than USD 700 million since privatization in technology and environmental protection.

At the time of its establishment, the Company had an electrolytic aluminium production of over 8,000 tonnes per annum and produced only aluminium ingots. Currently, the Company has a diversified product portfolio, and out of the total 2019 production, over 83,000 tonnes are represented by high value-added products for the more sophisticated industries, such as automotive and aerospace. Moreover, high value-added products used in the aerospace industry have increased by 40% in the last seven years, from over 27,000 tonnes in 2012 to over 38,000 tonnes in 2019.

ALRO has constantly implemented energy efficiency programs and applied circular economy principles in its business and has increased the quantities of aluminium scrap recycled and re-melted, having an Eco-Recycling facility with a capacity of 35,000 tonnes which reintroduces the aluminium in the production circuit with an energy consumption about 95% lower compared to the primary technology (by electrolysis). Thus, the Company has accessed non-reimbursable funds for increasing the profitability and development of new products worth over RON 115 million, the projects being completed in 2019.

Through investment and alignment programs to local and European regulations, the Company has reduced PFC emissions by more than 98% compared to 2002 and more than 39 times compared to 1990, and although it is one of the major consumers of electricity in Romania, ALRO has 99% energy efficiency for electrolysis technology due to investments done.

The Company’s turnover has stabilized in recent years at more than USD 600 million, although market, business conditions and the legislative environment have varied widely, and this performance has favoured the development of horizontal industry and services in the local community, as well as the decrease of the unemployment rate. With more than 4,000 employees, more than 20,000 jobs that indirectly depend on the aluminium industry’s and ALRO Group’s activity. Besides this, only ALRO’s contributions to the central and local budgets amounted in 2019 to almost RON 130 million (over USD 30 million).

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Wed, 01 Jul 2020
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