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APM Terminals launches The Gothenburg Gateway

Logistic News - Published on Wed, 17 Apr 2019

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APM Terminals Gothenburg launched The Gothenburg Gateway. This will ensure that a container placed on a freight train anywhere in Sweden is loaded onto a large ocean-going vessel within 48 hours, and will shave up at least a week off the transit time to Shanghai. APM Terminals Gothenburg’s goal is for all parts of the country to have the same fast access to the world market.

The Gothenburg Gateway, a new concept in Swedish logistics, combines:
Fast, efficient freight trains from all over Sweden to Gothenburg
An efficient container port that loads between trains and ships
More ocean-going vessels calling Gothenburg

APM Terminals has worked hard to increase efficiency and increase digitization to enable faster handling of goods. Mr Henrik Kristensen, CEO APM Terminals Gothenburg, said that “Via The Gothenburg Gateway it should take a maximum of 24 hours to reach Gothenburg by freight train, and a maximum of 48 hours in total to place a container on an ocean-going vessel. We analyzed how long it takes for a container to reach Shanghai - an important Asian market for Sweden. The Gothenburg Gateway will help reduce this time by at least one week, as well as offering an efficient and climate-smart solution.” In the future, APM Terminals wants to service Sweden with three ocean-going vessels per week in order to provide the most competitive delivery solution.”

Mr Kristensen said that “We now want to take the next step and further develop our port, develop logistics to and from the port, and develop logistics solutions around the port. We will achieve this together with goods owners, freight lines, railway and truck operators, local and national authorities. The Gothenburg Gateway is a concept to ensure future growth for Swedish industry and trade.”

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Wed, 17 Apr 2019
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