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Apple Purchases Carbon Free Commercial Aluminium from ELYSIS

Metal News - Published on Mon, 09 Dec 2019

Image Source: ELYSIS Aluminium Apple
Rio Tinto and US aluminium producer Alcoa's joint venture ELYSIS announced that Apple has moved ahead with the acquisition of the first commercial batch of aluminium without any direct carbon dioxide emissions, made using a breakthrough ELYSIS carbon-free aluminium smelting technology. The aluminum will be shipped this month from an Alcoa research facility in Pittsburgh and used in Apple products, although the technology company did not say which ones. Our cover graphic from Elysis shows an iPhone.

ELYSIS CEO Mr Vincent Christ said “This sale is an important milestone for ELYSIS and a sign of our progress over our first year of operation. It confirms the market interest in aluminium produced using our breakthrough ELYSIS carbon-free smelting technology. We are continuing to progress further development of our technology, with our focus on bringing it to market to revolutionize the industry.”

Aluminum is carbon-intensive to produce. The smelting process involves passing electrical current through a large block of carbon called an anode, which burns off during the process and releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The Alcoa-Rio joint venture wants to commercialize a technology by 2024 that uses a ceramic anode to make aluminum and emits only oxygen, eliminating direct greenhouse gas emissions from the smelting process.

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Posted By : Arun Huidrom on Mon, 09 Dec 2019
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