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Aurania Resources develops new copper-silver exploration concept

Mining News - Published on Mon, 20 May 2019

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Aurania Resources Ltd announced that the Company has reassessed the exploration model for the discovered copper-silver mineralization on the Lost Cities-Cutucu Project in Ecuador in light of new observations from the field. The sedimentary-hosted copper-silver mineralization found to date by Aurania is regional in nature and stratigraphically confined to key horizons of carbon-bearing sediments that have been verified in outcrop to extend for a minimum of 22 km (open along strike) across the Project area. There are few geological models that could account for this already very significant lateral extent.

Aurania's Chairman and CEO, Dr Keith Barron commented “In October of last year our geologists, tasked to carrying out rather routine stream sediment collection, started to bring an extraordinary array of copper-mineralized large boulders and slabs in from the jungle. Some of these samples were covered in vivid green chrysocolla and malachite, with azurite, cuprite and even native copper as well as more drab chalcocite and tenorite. At first, we treated these as a curiosity, and believed they were related to the supergene weathering of nearby porphyries. However, the copper minerals were hosted exclusively in well-bedded siltstone, mudstone, sandstone and shale, particularly in pieces showing abundant carbonaceous plant fragments, and not in porphyry."

Dr Barron said that ‘Our geologists, together with our President, Dr Richard Spencer, traced these boulders back to outcrops, over what is now a strike length of 22 km. The copper mineralization appears to lie above a red-bed sequence of quartzose sediments in an overlying sequence of black shale with abundant carbonaceous plant trash. The setting is strongly reminiscent of the mineralized zones in the Kupferschiefer ("copper shale"), currently mined by KGHM in Poland."

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 20 May 2019
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