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Bindura Nickel to Complete Smelter in FY 2020

Metal News - Published on Thu, 05 Dec 2019

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Zimbabwe base Bindura Nickel Corporation plans to complete nickel smelter in 2020. BNC CEO Mr Batirai Manhando said “Most of the components required for the projects had already been purchased and only required fittings. Company will fail complete its long scheduled smelter construction project next year. Long-term we really have to now complete the smelter in the next financial year, as of now the furnace is done the main outstanding work is the installation of electrostatic precipitator that constitute most of the 17 percent work. Our financial year starts in April within that year we should be able to finish the project.

Earlier this year BNC announced that it had halted smelter construction to focus on shaft deepening project to boost production in anticipation of increased global nickel prices. The company's management indicated that depressed nickel prices had led to a revision of project priorities as it would not make economic sense to continue injecting huge capital into a smelter whose operations require more capital at hand.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 05 Dec 2019
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