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Blackjewel Coal Miners Continues Protest in Harlan County

Coal News - Published on Mon, 16 Sep 2019

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WTVQ reported that the Blackjewel Coal Miners protest in Harlan County continues. The attorney representing the miners, Ned Pillersdorf broke the news to them saying the courts want Blackjewel and the miners to reach an agreement outside of court. The miners have been protesting on the train tracks in Harlan County blocking coal from leaving the mines since July. Asking for the money the company owes them after checks bounced. Pillersdorf said while it might seem like bad news for the miners it’s what needs to happen. If we didn’t go to the bargaining table this would drag on and that’s intolerable. We’ve gotta get this resolved sooner rather than later. The miners are running out of money. Chris Rowe is one of the miners protesting. He said the group isn’t going to give up.

Rowe said that “You’ll have setbacks in anything that you do. The way that we try to look at it, a few little setbacks will make us try that much harder. You can’t give up, don’t lay down and we’re not going to.”

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 16 Sep 2019
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