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BMW Opens FIZ Projekthaus Nord R&D Center

Auto News - Published on Mon, 28 Sep 2020

Image Source: BMW FIZ Projekthaus Nord
BMW Group is opening the new heart of its global research and development network at the FIZ Projekthaus Nord in Munich. The architecturally impressive building complex makes the successively expanded Munich Research and Innovation Centre FIZ one of the largest R&D locations in Europe and manifests the clear commitment to Germany as a location for research and development. The FIZ Projekthaus Nord is a milestone of the long-term "FIZ Future" program, in which the company has already invested about 1 billion euros.

Specialists are now developing the hardware and software for the future generations of BMW Group vehicles on a gross floor area of around 150,000 square meters - which corresponds to about half of the Oktoberfest area in Munich. Up to 120 construction planners and more than 1,100 workers have been working on the construction site in recent years. In addition to the enormous dimensions, construction activity was also characterised by the use of state-of-the-art applications: The construction planners used virtual simulation methods such as wind simulation and design computing to validate the innovative building design. The building was constructed according to the principle of smart building technology and digital user control - this allows its energy efficiency to be significantly increased and, above all, every construction-specific process to be consistently digitized.

Like no other building, the FIZ in Munich embodies the transformation of BMW Group automotive development. The FIZ now provides the structural prerequisites for the new R&D priorities of electrification, digitization, and increasing vehicle connectivity. As a data driven company, the BMW Group has planned enormous data processing capacities - the FIZ complex has over 20,000 servers and a capacity of over 90 petabytes of storage, which corresponds to the data volume of 24 billion smartphone photos of 4 MB each. The daily data exchange from and to the Munich FIZ amounts to 115 terabytes - not including the data centre for autonomous driving in Unterschleißheim, which was built especially for this purpose.

For the first time, all drivetrain developers will work together under one roof at FIZ Nord - regardless of whether they are working on ultramodern and efficient gasoline engines or developing the latest generations of electric drives. This ensures intensive collegial exchange and thus the transfer of knowledge between the technologies. In this way the BMW Group is laying an important building block for developing the skills for the employees who work there. In addition to drive development, the FIZ Nord places a second focus on complete vehicle integration - and thus on mastering ever-increasing complexity levels. The more than 2,000 employees of the complete vehicle integration division benefit from being physically close to the many test benches. In the workshop building for test benches and measuring equipment there are 100 test benches and 200 laboratories equipped with the very latest technology. Inspection, testing and validation facilities for hardware and software as well as prototype construction are the core of the concept, which integrates all essential functions and is intended to significantly improve processes.

The BMW Group sets architectural and functional standards with the FIZ Nord building. The Projekthaus Nord, two associated office complexes and a building for test benches and measuring equipment will be home to around 4,800 vehicle developers. The hardware-driven, industrial character of the FIZ is symbolised by the functionalist building style. The loft-like atmosphere of the building underlines the company's orientation as a tech company.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Mon, 28 Sep 2020
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