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BorgWarner eyes electric & hybrid vehicles market with new e-powertrain parts in India

Auto News - Published on Tue, 24 Apr 2018

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Economic Times reported that with most global automotive markets, including India, transiting to electric vehicles by 2030, US-based BorgWarner is readying itself to meet the evolving requirements of the vehicle manufacturers for the electric powertrain. Interestingly, BorgWarner has developed a compact, lightweight integrated drive module for hybrid and EV applications.

This eDM for electric mobility will combine transmission and electric motor technologies generating primary or secondary propulsion for EVs and hybrids, where the electric motor drives the secondary axle, while the combustion engine powers the primary one.

Mr Christopher J Lanker, VP & GM Asia Emissions & Thermal Systems said that “We are investing in our employees and our equipment to support this development.”

Mr Lanker continued that “Currently, we can see a starting trend for hybrid 48V applications, like our 48V iBAS or 48V eBooster in India. Regarding EVs, this depends on the battery electric vehicle acceptance in India that is driven by costs, driving range and available infrastructure like charging stations.”

By integrating eGearDrive transmission and high voltage hairpin electric motor in a single housing, the eDM lowers overall weight, reduces costs and saves space, maintains Carlos Castana, VP Engineering Emissions & Thermal Systems.

The HVH 250 electric motor achieves a peak efficiency of over 95 % and delivers a maximum power output of 305 kW and up to 408 Nm of torque, claims the company.

The product can be integrated into almost all electric and hybrid applications. BorgWarner says it can provide its customers with a tailor-made solution to fit their specific requirements.

In fact in tune with the changing automotive landscape, BorgWarner has been strengthening its electric and hybrid vehicle portfolio for last few years through the inorganic route.

In November 2015, it acquired Remy International for getting on board rotar electric motors.

Last year, it finalized its acquisition of Sevcon, a global player in electrification technologies. Sevcon complements BorgWarner’s power electronics capabilities to provide electrified propulsion solutions.

This acquisition will support propulsion systems for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles.BorgWarner eyes electric & hybrid vehicles.

Officials maintain that the company is already into EV transmissions and now the electric motor will be leveraged in different locations in the powertrain that will decide whether gears are required along with. The dual clutch technology with electric motor enables a hybrid and the car can be cranked with an alternator instead of a starter.

The company is integrating the electric motor technology with conventional mechanical technology to enable all types of hybrid configurations – plug-in hybrid, mild hybrid and full hybrids. It has launched the eDM in China, where it also has a manufacturing facility at Wuhan.

Mr Jens Lange, director - Product Strategy at BorgWarner said that the company delivered its first electric drive module to customers in China and in parallel is expanding the drive module family by developing the integrated drive module.

Mr Lange said that “The company’s all-in-one propulsion solution for electric mobility combines state-of-the-art transmission and electric motor technologies while offering a compact, integrated design for high efficiency, low weight and streamlined installation. Due to this approach, we are receiving a good response from the Chinese market to our eDM and iDM solutions.”

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Tue, 24 Apr 2018
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