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BorgWarner VTG Turbochargers for Global OEM’s Vehicles

Auto News - Published on Mon, 14 Sep 2020

Image Source: BorgWarner VTG Turbochargers
BorgWarner reinforces its global leadership role in clean and efficient propulsion solutions: The company has announced the supply of its state-of-the-art variable turbine geometry turbocharger to a global OEM for numerous vehicle models. The VTG turbocharger offers benefits for modern hybrid and combustion engines such as improved power output, reduced emissions and higher temperature capabilities. This new contract expands BorgWarner’s existing business operations with the OEM, further broadening the scope of technologies it is supplying to an array of vehicle programs.

BorgWarner’s new VTG turbochargers are being built for the OEM’s 1.0-liter gasoline engines and are capable of supplying required boost pressures while reducing emissions at the same time. The company’s latest solution is able to withstand exhaust gas temperatures of up to 980 degrees Celsius and allows reliable operation under the toughest conditions. Additionally, BorgWarner’s advanced technology enables excellent response time at very low rpm, smooth power delivery and enhanced fuel efficiency.

The latest VTG turbochargers can be applied to modern gasoline engines, including promising engine concepts that use the Miller cycle to increase engine efficiency. In fact, VTG turbocharging technology is an optimum system for this type of cycle and highly effective for combustion and hybrid vehicles. Moreover, the technology supports the shift from diesel to gasoline powered engines.

Supplying almost every OEM around the globe, BorgWarner offers a proven range of high-performance turbocharging solutions and the advantage of single-source efficiency for vehicle manufacturers.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Mon, 14 Sep 2020
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