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Bosch Develop More Safety for EV

Auto News - Published on Wed, 09 Oct 2019

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With more and more electric cars on the road, many drivers are increasingly uncertain what they should do or not do in the event of a collision. Electric motors also present rescue crews with new challenges. In fact, like any other vehicle, electric vehicles are equipped with safety features for such events. For example, Bosch semiconductors help prevent the risk of electric shock after an accident. Specially designed microchips deactivate the vehicle’s power circuits in a fraction of a second. This enables rescue crews to set to work immediately and ensures that first responders and the vehicle’s occupants remain safe. Mr Jens Fabrowsky, member of the executive management of Bosch’s Automotive Electronics division said that “Our semiconductor technology plays a vital role in the safety of hybrid and electric vehicles.”

Bosch supplies vehicle manufacturers with semiconductor chips for incorporation in special systems that safely disconnect the battery in the event of a collision. Mr Karl-Heinz Knorr, vice-president of the German firefighters association said that “Faced with the growing number of electric vehicles that could potentially be involved in collisions, such systems are absolutely essential if we are to fulfill our mission of helping and rescuing victims of road accidents as rapidly and safely as possible.”

Bosch devices prevent electric shock when electric vehicles are involved in accidents Bosch launches new automotive system-ICs at electronica 2018 CG912 integrated restraint system IC from Bosch Bosch semiconductor chips reliably deploy airbags as well.

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Posted By : Mohan Sharma on Wed, 09 Oct 2019
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