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Britain Raises Gulf Shipping Threat Level to Highest Possible

Logistic News - Published on Tue, 16 Jul 2019

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Bloomberg reported that Britain raised the threat level to the highest possible for ships operating in the Persian Gulf as tensions escalate in a region accounting for a third of seaborne petroleum trade. The UK government designated the region a level-3 risk, a day before British warship HMS Montrose had to stop Iranian vessels from impeding a BP Plc oil tanker as it exited the region, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. Though Iran’s attempts to block the passage of the British Heritage oil tanker were ultimately thwarted, they highlight a growing trend of disruptions to shipping in the area. Two tankers were sabotaged in the region last month, while four were struck in May. The situation is even more fraught for Britain after Royal Marines helped Gibraltar to seize a supertanker hauling Iranian crude in the Mediterranean Sea. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps warned on Wednesday that it would “reciprocate.”

Mr Olivier Jakob, managing director of consultant Petromatrix GmbH, said that “Iran will focus on retaliation towards UK assets. As far as escalation, I don’t know how far they want to escalate it, but they can do it just to be a nuisance.”

The confrontation between the warship and the Iranian vessels was reported by the British government. Tehran said it didn’t happen.

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Posted By : Mohan Sharma on Tue, 16 Jul 2019
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