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Bryn Bach Coal Files Plans for Carmarthenshire Site

Coal News - Published on Wed, 15 Jan 2020

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Bryn Bach Coal Ltd has submitted plans to remove the coal from an eight-hectare site at Glan Lash near Llandybie in UK. Bryn Bach Coal Ltd boss Chris James has submitted a planning application to the county council to remove the coal from seams under grassland and woodland north-west of Ammanford. A planning document which accompanies the current application said 50% of the coal produced was used by water filtration companies and as a brick colourant, with neither use involving burning, while the other half was burned for domestic heating. Mr James said “The planning department has asked for an in-depth analysis of where the coal is going. We found 75% of it goes to water filtration and brick sectors that leaves 25% for domestic heating."

The proposed extension site covers 10 hectares, but only eight of them, including a 2.5-hectare woodland, would be mined. The other two hectares would be for storing soil.

An ecological assessment of the extension site commissioned by Bryn Bach Coal said the proposals did not directly affect any statutory or non-statutory sites designated for biodiversity protection. The assessment said four protected species occurred within or around the site: marsh fritillary butterfly, dormouse, bat and otter. The butterfly habitat, it said, would be relocated to fields owned by Bryn Bach Coal north of the extension site. The assessment said the mining was not anticipated to adversely affect any otters in the area, while no signs of badgers were found during surveys - although they might forage on drier parts of the land.

It added that dormice had been spotted 2.6km from the Glan Lash site in the past, and that the woodland and grassland which Bryn Bach Coal said it would cover the mined area with after removing the coal would be suitable for the animals.

If given planning approval, Bryn Bach Coal would employ 11 full-time workers for six-and-a-half years to excavate the coal and process it at the site's existing washery.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Wed, 15 Jan 2020
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