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BYD Launches All-New Global Design Center

Auto News - Published on Mon, 01 Jul 2019

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On June 25, 2019, BYD ushered in a new starting point for its in-house design, officially announcing the launch of the company's all-new Global Design Center at its global headquarters in Shenzhen. Under the mantra of Design with Passion, BYD is boldly accelerating the exploration and establishment of design theory and philosophy in the era of electrified and intelligent mobility. The Design Center, which will be responsible for the design of cars, rail transit and other transportation options, can accommodate 300 designers and 100 external design staff. The building will also feature a “Black Crystal” design and cover 12,600 square meters, an area equal to nearly two full-size football fields.

The design center interior creates an "open, communicative and creative" work environment, where designers will have a real-time perception of model production progress. The design center gathers the industry's most cutting-edge design tools, such as Italian five-axis processing equipment, which has a 0.025 mm processing accuracy, and can complete a 1:1 clay model in about 5 working days, as well as German clay-cutting tools that can reduce the previous 1-2 week design modification period to "less than 24 hours". It also features the industry's leading micro-spacing 1.2mm LED giant curtain, which can achieve a 1:1 contrast between two cars, to create a highly "immersive" VR review experience. A single clay model area of more than 6,000 square meters helps designers review new car models at different distances, heights and angles, enabling final production cars to more closely reflect the beauty of design.

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Posted By : Mohan Sharma on Mon, 01 Jul 2019
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