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China has six of the world’s 10 busiest container ports

Logistic News - Published on Wed, 17 Apr 2019

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On a hazy late March afternoon, Shanghai’s deputy transport commissioner announced that China’s largest commercial hub would slash handling fees and harbour dues for the second year in a row, easing the financial burden on trading companies caught by slumping commerce because of the US-China trade war. Up to CNY 300 million worth of service feeds, loading and discharging charges and dues for Shanghai’s port and tugboats would be cut this year, adding to the CNY 2 billion of reductions meted out in 2018. Mr Zhang Lin, vice director of the Shanghai Transportation Commission, during a press conference, said that “Shanghai Port is making progress in further optimising the business environment. It is always the plan for the authorities to lower fees for easing trade in the city.”

The move is welcome news for the shipping lines and consignors that helped catapult Shanghai to the world’s largest container port in a little over a decade. Six of the world’s 10 largest container ports last year were located along China’s coastline, stretching from the nation’s north to the south. Rotterdam, Shanghai was the world’s biggest container port in 2018, holding on to the pole position for the ninth consecutive year after snatching it from Singapore in 2010. Shanghai surpassed Hong Kong in throughput traffic in 2007, two years after the Yangshan deep water port opened in Hangzhou Bay and accelerated the decline of Hong Kong’s importance as a transshipment hub for mainland China.

As global shipping lines like AP Moeller Maersk and Mediterranean Shipping Corporation can unload their cargo straight on the doorstep of a market with 1.4 billion consumers, fewer of them need to stop over anywhere else. Hong Kong’s container cargo throughput has declined 20 per cent since its 2008 peak to number seven on the top 10 list last year.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Wed, 17 Apr 2019
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