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Chinese Transmission Utilities to Develop 14 UHV Projects

Power News - Published on Wed, 27 May 2020

Image Source: Transimisson Lines China
Of the seven priority areas, ultra-high voltage transmission projects and electric vehicle charging networks are opportunities for power sector investors and equipment suppliers. State-owned power transmission utilities viz. State Gird Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid will be owners and developers of these UHV projects. SGCC and CSG are the two largest transmission monopolies in China with a market share of 60% and 14% respectively. The two utilities had identified 14 projects for development in 2020, which shall employ High Voltage Alternating Current and High Voltage Direct Current technologies. The total size of investments in these UHV projects estimates to be USD 26.8 billion in 2020; roughly, 1.2% of the total scheduled infrastructure investments in 2020 in the entire country. The details of the UHV projects and their investment size are listed in the table hereunder.

China New Infrastructure Investments, UHV Transmission Projects, in 2020
TechnologyTransmission Line NameVoltage (kV)TimelineInvestment $bn.
UHVDCQinghai-Henan8002020 partial COD3.79
UHVDCShanbei-Hubei8002020 partial COD2.59
UHVDCYazhong-Nanchang8002020 COD4.44
UHVDCBaihetan-jiangsu8002020 seek approval2.28
UHVDCBaihetan-Zhejiang8002020 seek approval2.79
UHVDCYunnan-Guizhou5002020 seek approvalNA
UHVDCFujian-Guangdong DC Back-toBackNA2020 seek approvalNA
HVACZhangbei-Xiongan10002020 COD1.47
HVACNanyang-Jingmen-Changsha10002020 seek approval2.94
HVACZhumadian-Nanyang10002020 COD1.26
HVACZhumadian-Wuhan10002020 seek approval1.26
HVACJingmen-Wuhan10002020 seek approval0.63
HVACNanchang-Wuhan10002020 seek approval1.68
HVACNanchang-Changsha10002020 seek approval1.68

Source: SGCC, CSG.

Of the above projects, SGCC has made significant progress in the first three UHVDC projects viz.
(i) 800kV Qinghai-Henan
(ii) 800kV Shaanbei-Wuhan
(iii) 800kV Yazhong-Nanchang.

SGCC placed orders on ABB Power Grids to provide the HVDC technology and equipment. Each of these 800kV UHVDC transmission lines are designed to transmit 8 GW capacity. ABB shall be supplying HVDC converter transformers, components such as wall bushings, capacitor banks, dead tank breakers and HVDC switches to the projects. The construction of Qinghai-Henan (running 1,500kms) and Yazhong-Nanchang (1700kms) projects which were affected by lockdown, were resumed in mid-February; and the Shaanbei-Wuhan (1,100kms) project commenced construction at the end of February. Both SGCC and CSG have resumed all their projects, except for those in the epicentre of Hubei; and are very likely to commission all their new infrastructure UHV projects in 2020 and 2021. Major high voltage equipment manufacturers such as ABB, Siemens, GE, and local players such as TBEA, NR Electric and China XD Electric shall be seen competing for orders.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Wed, 27 May 2020
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