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CNPC Introduces New Aluminium Alloy Powder for Additive Manufacturing

Metal News - Published on Mon, 06 Jul 2020

Image Source: CNPC Introduces
Vancouver Canada headquartered CNPC Powder, with production facilities in China, recently established Automated Metal Production line is producing a new range of aluminium powder explicitly designed for Powder Bed Fusion metal Additive Manufacturing. The aluminium alloy powders are said to exhibit good flowability and sphericity, with few satellites. CNPC states that the powders are positioned to provide value to large-volume Additive Manufacturing applications in industries such as automotive and aerospace.

The company’s new AMP line is the latest development at its production facility. It redesigns atomisation beyond existing atomisation capabilities, such as VIGA, PREP and EIGA. This bottom-up redesign has allowed for increased efficiency and lower production costs, all while improving flowability and sphericity, almost eliminating impurities, and increasing output.”

In addition to the new aluminium alloy powder, CNPC manufactures a wide range of metal powders including iron and copper alloys, nickel, stainless steel and more.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Mon, 06 Jul 2020
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