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Commerce Resources Update on Upgrading Fluorspar for the Ashram Deposit in Quebec

Mining News - Published on Thu, 21 Nov 2019

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Commerce Resources Corp has provided an update on the metallurgical programs focused on upgrading the Ashram Deposit's fluorspar content to acid-spar grade. The test work will serve two primary purposes. First, it will evaluate several approaches for upgrading deposit material to a higher value acid-spar grade, including additional processing of the current flowsheet's fluorspar concentrate, and second, it will investigate the additional recovery of rare earth minerals from this concentrate, which constitutes the primary gangue mineral component. The work is being carried-out by Flazen Research, based in Colorado, USA, and has been underway for several weeks. The program is being completed, in part, as the Company has received requests from industry for acid-grade fluorspar samples that have been produced from the Ashram Deposit, and this interest has been increasing in recent quarters along with the price of the commodity.

In the Ashram Deposit's flowsheet, the fluorspar concentrate is the non-magnetic fraction of the magnetic separation stage, with the magnetic fraction being the primary rare earth element concentrate. Therefore, the fluorspar concentrate is a tailings stream of the REE concentration process. However, the Project's flowsheet effectively upgrades the fluorspar through each process stage, from a relatively low head-grade (<8% CaF2) to a fluorspar concentrate of high-grade (>80% CaF2).

As a result, the current REE flowsheet effectively produces a potentially saleable metallurgical-grade fluorspar product at no additional cost, while having no negative impact on the REE recovery to the primary REE concentrate. Further, if successful, the sale of the fluorspar would reduce the footprint of the Project's tailings management facility as well as provide another revenue stream while also serving as a source of secure supply for the market.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 21 Nov 2019
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