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Community of Madrid to build 3 New Stations in Metro Extension to Valdebebas

Infra News - Published on Thu, 16 Jul 2020

Image Source: Community of Madrid
The Community of Madrid will build three new stations in the Metro network extension to Valdebebas The planned branch will run for 4.5 kilometres from Feria de Madrid station on line 8, with a planned investment of EUR 200 million. The first of the new Metro stations in Valdebebas will be adjacent to the current Cercanias station and will also act as an interchange with the EMT and with the new electric buses with reserved fast lanes that will be implemented as part of the future mobility plan for the area. The station will have a surface car park with reserved spaces, which will act as a deterrent. Following a visit to the site of the new Madrid underground network, which will open its doors in mid-2021 in the area of Plaza de Castilla, the Minister pointed out that the other two stations will serve the central and northern parts of the Valdebebas area. This means the Madrid underground will meet the mobility needs of the area's residents and guarantee access to important public facilities, such as the Emergency Hospital already being built by the Madrid government, the future development of the City of Justice and the expansion of IFEMA.

Redesign of the public transport offer in the northeast area of the city of Madrid will be completed with the implementation of a pioneering project for the city: the Bus Rapid Transit, an electric bus system with a reserved platform that will serve the residents of Valdebebas. This BRT line will be 3.6 kilometres long, will have traffic light priority at intersections and will entail an investment of approximately EUR 15 million. With this Mobility Plan for the northeast area of Madrid we guarantee that all the major facilities in the city have an intermodal public transport service

New Metro headquarters, located in the former Plaza de Castilla underground depot, which is now 70 years old consisting of two structures will be the first of the Community of Madrid's future Integral Transport Centre, which will also house the Metro control centres and the headquarters of the Regional Transport Consortium in a second phase.

The complex will also have an underground car park with more than 300 spaces and interior gardens, which have been designed to integrate the legacy of one hundred years of Metro de Madrid. It will also be a meeting point for the people of Madrid to learn about how transport in the region works, for which purpose a Transport Museum will be created, as well as a large garden with outdoors areas that will recreate the old depots of Plaza de Castilla.

The new Metro headquarters has been designed as a Nearly Zero-Energy Building, according to the European directives that require this energy performance in public buildings to be built from 2018 onwards. This means the new headquarters of the Madrid underground will have an energy consumption 56% lower than what would be usual for a building with its characteristics and an energy efficiency category B.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Thu, 16 Jul 2020
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