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CONSOL Energy Brings Positive Message to Coal Show Opening - CEO Mr Brock

Coal News - Published on Mon, 16 Sep 2019

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BDT Online reported that the 23rd Bluefield Coal Show opened with CONSOL Energy President and CEO Mr Jimmy Brock bringing a message that the coal industry will continue to see better days ahead. Mr Brock was the keynote speaker at the traditional Media and Exhibitor Appreciation Breakfast and afterwards helped cut the ribbon for the official opening of the show. He said that what a pleasure to come back to see many of my old friends that I worked down here with for years, adding that he was also excited to see the vendors and suppliers that are critically important to the coal industry as it moves forward. The industry has heard bad news for many years, but I am here to tell you it’s not all bad and he outlined not only the opening of new mines in the country but also an overall view of why coal continues to be needed and will always be a part of the electric grid as well as in the manufacturing of products. There is a lot of discussions in the media about coal these days. It’s very negative and many are saying it’s a dying industry and many are wanting to provide ways to make sure it is. But that is not the case in reality, adding that the need for coal has actually been expanding globally, providing a relatively inexpensive source of energy for many growing countries and opportunities here for exports.

Mr Brock said that coal is still the lowest-cost fuel on our electrical grid. Coal is the most valuable of mining commodities. This is not a cottage industry that will go away. You are not going to replace the scale of coal, an 8 billion-ton (annually) industry. He said many may be talking about the demise of coal, but it is totally untrue, detailing the global growth of coal used as a source to generate electricity and the new plants under construction or planned, especially in China and India.

He said that coal will be more valuable going forward, adding that it provides countries with access to affordable energy providing a boost to their economies and quality of life. But that has not been the case in this country. The demand is there overseas, he said, but some forces in the US are hurting the market here.

He added that “Domestically, coal is under pressure from natural gas, but that could be changing. We are already seeing coal playing a more important role when it comes to resiliency and stability.”

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 16 Sep 2019
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