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Daimler Trucks Launches Ecosystem for E-Mobility

Auto News - Published on Thu, 14 Nov 2019

Image Source: daimler
The E-Mobility Group Daimler Trucks & Buses launches a holistic ecosystem for truck customers for the best possible entry into electric transportation logistics. This includes a comprehensive range of consulting services and the installation of suitable charging infrastructure. The modular range includes not only personal and individual consulting, but also digital applications that make it easier to get started with e-mobility. In a first step, the focus will be on the markets of Europe, North America and Japan. The consulting services are incrementally implemented with first customers.

At the start of the commercial vehicle IAA year 2020, Daimler Trucks will offer a free application with the "eTruck Ready" app, with which customers can determine, which operating profiles and routes are suitable for an e-truck. The smartphone app records the driving routes of a conventional vehicle: It captures speed, acceleration and altitude profile along the route. Important parameters such as the payload and the outside temperature can be added afterwards by fleet managers in an individual web portal. From this data, the program generates the respective range and expected power consumption of a suitable electric truck from the Daimler portfolio. This creates a realistic usage profile for customers.

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Posted By : Arun Huidrom on Thu, 14 Nov 2019
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