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Dana Partners with Nordresa to integrate Spicer® Electrified e-Axle on Isuzu

Auto News - Published on Mon, 29 Apr 2019

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Dana Incorporated announced that it will partner with Nordresa to integrate its Spicer® Electrified™ eS9000r e-Axle on the Isuzu N-Series chassis for commercial fleet applications. This new collaboration is in addition to the companies’ existing joint efforts to offer commercially-available direct-drive systems, complete with TM4® motors and inverters, on battery electric medium-duty vehicle platforms. The progression to fully integrated e-Axles allows the traditional mechanical driveline system to be replaced with an electric motor integrated directly into the vehicle’s differential housing, improving design flexibility for battery placement and truck body positioning. Nordresa’s proprietary electric powertrain controls will be a key feature of the new chassis.

Mr Mark Wallace, president of Dana Commercial Vehicle Driveline Technologies said that “As electrification continues to expand in the commercial-vehicle segment, Dana is focused on cultivating its product offerings to deliver immediate, tangible benefits to our customers. Collaborating with a leading integrator like Nordresa further supports our customers with complementary technologies that are ideal solutions for the medium-duty and bus markets.”

The Spicer Electrified eS9000r e-Axle comprises an integrated motor, transmission, and axle system. It is designed as a “drop-in” replacement for existing axles used in medium-duty truck and bus applications. The e-Axle also incorporates a patent-pending integrated parking mechanism (park pawl) that eliminates the need for an external solution on vehicles without a transmission.

Developed jointly, the electric Isuzu N-Series chassis can be used for box trucks, maintenance trucks, and more. It is designed for a range up to 110 miles and peak power of 226 kW for grade startability of 20 percent.

Mr Sylvain Castonguay, President and CEO of Nordresa said that “We continue to make progress in the development and integration of electrified drivetrains across a diverse set of applications and customers. We are pleased to be partnering with Dana, a leader in electrification, to extend those solutions even further as demand continues to grow.”

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 29 Apr 2019
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