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Deep-South Resource Reports 90% Copper Recovery at Haib Copper Project in Namibia

Mining News - Published on Tue, 12 Nov 2019

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Deep South Resources Inc announced results from microbial-assisted column leach amenability tests performed on stockpile material from the Haib Copper Project in Namibia. The test work program is managed by METS Engineering of Australia and undertaken by Mintek in South Africa. Two tons of feed material was collected for the test work. The samples were removed from a stockpile extracted from an adit dug in the higher grade area of the main Haib deposit. The samples have not been weathered and are considered representative of the sulphide mineralized material at Haib. Six 1 metre bioleach amenability columns have been initiated at Mintek on -4.7mm, -3.35mm and -2.36mm mineralized material. Copper dissolutions of 85% to 90% were obtained after 128 days. Assays of the solid residues will be taken at the end of the program and will serve to confirm the final recoveries, after completion of the copper mass balances.

Mr John Akwenye, Chairman of Deep-South, said that “These results are exceptional. The bioassisted leaching results combined with grade upgrading mineral sorting results, HPGR and agglomeration are highly promising and demonstrate that we are on the right path to extract the metal at Haib and develop the project ahead."

The Haib head assay for the column tests revealed 0.73% copper, 3.7% sulfur with minor elements and the balance 28.4% silica. There are no deleterious elements. The mineralogy of the milled Haib feed revealed that 98.5% of the total copper content occurred as chalcopyrite, 1% as bornite, and less than 0.5% as chalcocite, covellite, malachite and chrysocolla. High Pressure Grinding Roll optimisation tests demonstrated that the hard Haib mineralized material is amenable to HPGR. A pressure of 60 bar is deemed suitable as the particle size distribution was not reduced once the pressure exceeded this value.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Tue, 12 Nov 2019
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