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Delanchy Group Adopts Electric Mobility with Renault Trucks

Auto News - Published on Mon, 13 Jul 2020

Image Source: Delanchy Group Renault Trucks D ZE
The Delanchy Group and Renault Trucks continue to work together in support of increasingly eco-friendly freight transportation. The freight carrier, which has been using a 100% electric Renault Trucks D prototype since 2017, has just received the very first D ZE series model. The Delanchy Group is still deciding on the allocation of this new, 100% electric carrier, which will go to Paris or Lyon to make journeys of around 110 kilometres. Among the 1,000 vehicles within the Group, this first Renault Trucks D ZE joins a fleet of 340 carriers used for distribution operations.

Renault Trucks and the Delanchy Group have been working together for over fifty years to promote freight transportation that is increasingly respectful of air quality. Since 2017, the Delanchy Group has been using a 100% electric, 13-ton Renault Trucks D prototype to make its daily deliveries to Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse. Deliveries are made at staggered times, so as not to disturb the peace and quiet of local residents.

For the Delanchy Group, as for Renault Trucks, urban transport needs to move rapidly towards electric mobility in order to improve quality of life in city centres and take action against global CO2, emissions, so the refrigerated transportation specialist decided to order the very first 16-ton D ZE from Renault Trucks to come off the production line at the Blainville-sur-Orne in Calvados manufacturing plant:

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Mon, 13 Jul 2020
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