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Demand Brands GEOEnhanced Technologies Completes Technology Demonstration on Tribal Lands

Gasoil News - Published on Thu, 19 Sep 2019

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Demand Brands Inc announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, GEOEnhanced Technologies Inc, recently completed a series of tests using its proprietary electro-seismic technology in North and South Dakota on Native tribal lands. The test was conducted at the invitation of the tribal council to demonstrate the effectiveness of the GEO technology for imaging subsurface geology, including porosity. The company released details of the test indicating that a total of twelve test shots were performed at locations selected by the tribe and covering areas in both North and South Dakota. While not disclosing the results of the tests, Mr. Garcia indicated that he believed the council will be interested to know what lies beneath their land. “Just knowing what is down there is an important first step so that a plan can be developed to capitalize on their natural resources. We’re excited to share these initial results.”

Craig Fischer, company Chief Executive Officer, commented, “GEOEnhanced's forthcoming seismic drone application is ideally suited for this and other projects by avoiding environmental impacts of typical dynamite seismic shots. We are continuing to gain acceptance of our industry leading and proprietary 4-D seismic geologic imaging product in the oil and gas industry.”

GEOenhanced Technologies was founded in 2016 to develop and bring to market a 4D seismic imaging system for oil, gas, mineral and water exploration. The proprietary technology conducts subsurface analysis in order to locate, identify, and quantify liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, water, and other minerals. The electro-seismic process can eliminate “dry hole” and other exploratory costs in both the energy industry and mineral exploration. Unlike other seismic imaging devices, GEO’s system works without drilling any holes and also gives a reading on porosity at depths up to 40,000 feet. In the case of subsurface liquids, the system is able to show not only the size, depth and composition of the material, but also the direction of flow. This information greatly reduces drilling and operating costs and increases well productivity.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 19 Sep 2019
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