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Despite NGT ban in Shilong extracted coal generate over INR 1300 crore revenue

Coal News - Published on Wed, 25 Apr 2018

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The Shillong Times reported that four years into the ban on coal mining in Meghalaya, the revenue generation from the extracted coal is over INR 1300 crore, while various petitions are pending both before NGT and Supreme Court after the ban on April 17, 2014. The royalty collected by the government on extracted coal upto March 5 this year is over INR 637crore (INR 637,85,47, 706 ) while the additional Meghalaya Environment Protection and Restoration Fund is over INR 420 crore (INR 420, 74,77,103).

In addition to this, NGT had on January 18 this year had ordered assessment of over 6 lakh metric tonnes of coal in South Garo Hills which will fetch the revenue of around INR 85 crore in terms of both royalty and MEPRF.

Supreme Court lawyer and government counsel Mr Ranjan Mukherjee said that the money collected under MEPRF cannot be touched and it can be used only with the permission of NGT provided that proper schemes are submitted.

The Supreme Court on March 28 this year allowed the transportation of extracted coal till May 31 this year.

An application was filed by Wealthing Marak from South Garo Hills about the large quantity of coal till March 20 this year (6 lakh 44 thousand metric tonnes), but when assessed by the government, the quantity was found to be more (6 lakh 90 thousand metric tonnes). The matter will come up for hearing before NGT.

Meanwhile, two more applications have come up regarding the transportation of already extracted coal.

In Khliehriat, the claim by a petitioner before the NGT was that 26 lakh metric tonnes of coal is lying to be exported, but later he withdrew the case stating that he will make suitable representation before the state government.
Other applicants Sohila Sangma and Dominic Marak from South West Khasi Hills made a plea before NGT that some of the extracted coal needs to be exported and the NGT will hear the matter on May 7.

After 308 cases of violations of NGT ban were reported, the government took action by way of imposing penalties to ensure that everything is in order, Mukherjee said.

Mr Mukherjee said that “We also took action by booking them under various provisions of law.”

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Posted By : Nanda Koijam on Wed, 25 Apr 2018
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