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Drillling Interesects Massive Sulphide Mineralization on PJX Resources' Vine Property

Mining News - Published on Wed, 21 Aug 2019

Image Source: Kaye Wynn Consulting
PJX Resources Inc announced that recent drilling intersected a zone with multiple layers of massive sulphide mineralization on the Vine Property in the historical Sullivan Mine District near Cranbrook, British Columbia Canada. Dave Pighin said that "Hole VA 7 9-48 Intersected 4 layers of massive sulphide mineralization in a zone from 777.7 to 782.6 metres. The massive sulphide layers are 0.4m, 1.4m, 0.6m and 7. Im thick and consist of mainly pyrrhotite, minor chalcopyrite, galena and sphalerite. The massive sulphides are interlayered with a band of calcite and strongly biotitized, sericitized and albitized sediments. In the core, the massive sulphide and alteration zone appear to parallel bedding. The 1.4 metre massive sulphide layer graded 5177ppm (0.52%) copper, 6320 ppm (0.63%) lead, 4526 ppm (0.45%) zinc, 7.6 ppm (7.6 g/t) silver with anomalous nickel 7 95 ppm and cobalt 263 ppm.”

Trygve Hoy said that "The chemical signature of the mineralization is consistent with sediment-hosted sulphide deposits in Belt Purcell rocks in Canada and the United States.”

John Keating said that “This is only the second hole to test the large conductive Magnetotelluric geophysical target. The massive sulphide mineralization is strongly conductive and occurs at a depth that corresponds with the top side of the large MT target. There remains potential down-dip and on-strike with the massive sulphide zone. In addition, given the significant thickness of the MT target there is potential that additional conductive zones of mineralization may occur below the massive sulphide zone and were not intersected by the drill hole."
Down-hole geophysics is planned to assess the orientation of the massive sulphide zone in preparation for the next phase of drilling. The geophysics will also explore for additional massive sulphide mineralization at depth within the large MT target.

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Posted By : Sanju Moirangthem on Wed, 21 Aug 2019
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