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EVBox Opens Upgraded Bordeaux Factory in France for EV Fast Charging Stations

Auto News - Published on Wed, 04 Dec 2019

Image Source: EVBox Bordeaux
ENGIE EVBox opened renovated and upgraded facility in Bordeaux in France was opened last month. It focuses on the production of fast and ultra-fast HPC charging stations, as well as R&D in new technologies such as Vehicle-to-Grid. The Bordeaux facility was acquired by EVBox in July 2018 and has seen as rapid growth since. Up to now, EVBox’s Bordeaux factory, produced and delivered more than 1500 fast charging stations a year globally, 100,000 charging points in total.

With the adoption of electric vehicles going into high gear, the demand for fast and ultra-fast charging solutions has also grown exponentially. Fast charging is especially valuable in settings where an EV driver only stays for a short period or a fast recharge is essential. For reference: with high power charging 350kW, an EV can potentially add 400 km to its range in less than 15 minutes

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Posted By : Arun Huidrom on Wed, 04 Dec 2019
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