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Fortune Steel hints at foul play following explosion at plant

Steel News - Published on Thu, 19 Apr 2018

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City Press reported that Seven workers were injured and one needed critical assistance after a furnace exploded at the Fortune Steel plant in Nigel, on the East Rand. The National Union of Metalworkers South Africa alleges that during those critical moments, management at Fortune Steel overlooked the safety of their employees and instead tried to squash the severity of the explosion to a minor incident. Speaking to City Press on behalf of Steel Fortune this morning was Gaurav Bansal, a director and shareholder in the mining company, refutes allegations of mistreating its employees, and says that the company has made every effort to ensure that it is complying with labour law procedures in the country.

Mr Bansal said that the reason the employees were rushed off in private vehicles to the hospital was because they needed urgent medical care. Mr Bansal said that “There is no reason for the company to cover up the situation as we are not doing anything against the law over here. The company is fully registered with Rand Mutual Assurance for compensation for any injuries on site due to any accidents that happen. We have been told that the reason for taking the employees in a private vehicle was to not lose any critical time in [the] emergency and to take all necessary steps to give the required care to the injured.”

He said that the company was aware of two employees who were critically injured, and that others with minor injuries received onsite treatment from the paramedics.

Mr Bansal further said that “We do understand [and take note] that his incident was definitely not a minor workplace issue and the necessary investigation is being undertaken to go to the bottom of the [incident] to [assess] the cause of the incident.”

He said that the company’s priority at the moment was to investigate the cause behind the explosion, and that foul play had not been ruled out.

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Posted By : Amom Remju on Thu, 19 Apr 2018
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