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GAZ Starts Production of New Low Entry City Van GAZelle City

Auto News - Published on Mon, 08 Jun 2020

Image Source: GAZelle City
Gorky Automobile Plant has started serial production of GAZelle City, a new low-entry city van bus. The new bus has a low entry, a floor area for standees in the central part of the passenger compartment, a pneumatic kneeling system and a wide double door. The new bus offers great comfort to its passengers, including easy access to and from the bus for people with restricted mobility and all passenger categories can enjoy bus rides with great comfort.

The bus design is based on solutions delivering comfort for people with restricted mobility. This low-entry bus comes with a large central floor area for wheelchairs, buggies and strollers, and a wide double electric door. It is packed with an air suspension with a kneeling function to lower the bus at stops and let wheelchair and elderly passengers, people with buggies and strollers, heavy luggage, bikes and scooters easily get onto and from the bus. There is also a mechanical ramp for wheelchairs and buggies.

The bus can carry up to 22 passengers for 17 seated passengers and 5 standees. There are comfortable vandal-proof seats, heat-absorbing glass windows and easy-to-clean upholstery. The list of available options includes an electronic passenger information system comprising of information board, route display, voice information system with two speakers, voice amplifier with microphone, an additional heater and a locking rear axle differential.

The new bus is compact, 6600 mm long and 2510 mm wide, which is good for narrow city roads and heavy traffic. Minimum turn radius is 7.2 meters only.

The design features of GAZelle City include a unique reinforced frame with a recessed central part, a rear axle with a higher load-bearing capacity and a highly efficient brake system with disc brakes on all wheels. The bus body is built on a strong steel pipe frame with aluminum composite and fiberglass panels. The air suspension delivers better driving performance, and a smooth ride and helps reduce vehicle body roll at turns.

There is a partition wall behind the driver’s seat. However the driver can easily monitor passenger entry and exit process.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Mon, 08 Jun 2020
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