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GMS update on Shipbreaking in China in Week 2 - HAMMER BLOW!

Steel News - Published on Wed, 17 Jan 2018

Image Source: SteelGuru
As the Chinese New Year holidays edge ever closer (towards the end of February), there is an increasingly dwindling hope that a Chinese market resurgence of any kind will emanate, one that could rival a buoyant Indian sub-continent sector at present.

Indeed, all but a couple of the major ship recycling facilities in China (one in the South and one in the North / Shanghai region) are presently open and available to take in tonnage as nearly all of the others struggle to renew their licenses amidst the recent government crackdown on pollution.

During the Communist Party Conference last October, governmental authorities stopped all recycling activities of scrap vessels in China for environmental reasons and this has, ever since, become a hammer blow to China’s continued chances of remaining a viable international ship recycling destination (despite several top class facilities).

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Wed, 17 Jan 2018
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