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Guyana Goldfields update on exploration drilling at the Aurora Gold Mine in Guyana South America

Mining News - Published on Fri, 15 Feb 2019

Image Source: The Northern Miner
Guyana Goldfields Inc announced the results from its fourth quarter 2018 brownfield surface exploration drilling campaign at the Aurora Gold Mine, located in Guyana, South America. The Company also described revisions to the geological interpretation of the gold mineralization at Aurora compared with that which was used for the 2012 resource model, developed under prior management and which appears to have overestimated the average grade at Aurora. Further, the Company announced the approval of an approximately US$6.75 million exploration plan for 2019 covering additional surface brownfield drilling, initial underground drilling and the resumption of greenfield exploration for a combined total of approximately 30,000 metres. This is the largest exploration campaign that the Company has undertaken since 2011 both in terms of allocated capital and proposed drill metres.

cott Caldwell, President and CEO, said "The results of the fourth quarter 2018 program, which focused drilling toward near-mine brownfield targets following a change of exploration management last year, continues to demonstrate the potential for high-grade ore shoots beneath the satellite pits at Aurora. Our work with Roscoe Postle Associates Inc on the resource model review is continuing on schedule. We believe certain assumptions applied in the previous model used to derive open pit reserve estimates and production forecasts, including grade capping, geologic domaining and interpolation parameters appear to have contributed to the recent lower than planned gold grade at Aurora. RPA has run a number of preliminary models to determine the impact of the variables and is testing these models against historical production results. We continue to anticipate the results of this work to be completed by the end of March."

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the Company completed 5,527 metres of core in 34 diamond drill holes on targets at Aleck Hill, North Aleck Hill, Mad Kiss, West Mad Kiss, East Walcott and Walcott Hill. Highlights from this work are summarized below and a complete list of the results received to date are presented in Tables 1, 2 and 3 at the end of this release.

Aleck Hill results include:
AHD 314: 40.8 g/t over 15.9m from 76.1m downhole;
AHD 315: 12.2 g/t over 18.9m from 90.8m downhole;
AHD 317: 16.8 g/t over 6.9m from 62.3m downhole; and
AHD 319:10.8 g/t over 9.9m from 83.0m downhole.

Mad Kiss results include:
MKD 159: 7.8 g/t over 9.5m from 13.2m downhole;
MKD 161: 12.0 g/t over 17.7m from 24.3m downhole;
MKD 163: 5.8 g/t over 25.0m from 12.0m downhole;
MKD 164: 10.5 g/t over 12.0m from 59.0m downhole; and
MKD 170: 7.0 g/t over 8.0m from 132.0m downhole.

West Mad Kiss results include:
WMKD 080: 11.1 g/t over 4.8m from 195.0m downhole.

East Walcott results include:
EWD 106: 7.6 g/t over 14.0m from 330m downhole and 7.6 g/t over 18m from 365m downhole.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Fri, 15 Feb 2019
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