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GWM to Mass Produce New Powertrain of 9DCT & High Efficiency Engine

Auto News - Published on Wed, 29 Jul 2020

Image Source: GWM Powertrain
A new GWM powertrain exhibition salon with a topic of Geek Seminar on Powertrain of Supreme Quality was held on July 14 at the Great Wall Brand Experience Center. The 4N20 series engine with a thermal efficiency of 38.3% and the world's first transverse 9DCT & 9HDCT transmissions are shown on the Salon. The thermal efficiency of 4N20 series engine is up to 38.3%, with the maximum power of 180kW and the maximum torque of 385 N·m. For the world's first transverse 9DCT/9HDCT, the loading torque is increased by 54%, and the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is decreased by 7% for 9DCT and 70% for 9HDCT. The 4N20 series of engines and 9DCT & 9HDCT transmissions will be produced in this year, and will be installed on new models of GWM.

As a tech geek of Chinese brands, GWM advances greatly in the powertrain technology field, and its new powertrain, equipped with 4N20 series engine and 9DCT & 9HDCT transmissions are strong enough to lead the China engine industry. As a GWM new achievement in the engine field, 4N20 engines are featured by high efficiency, low emission, light weight and high performance. The 4N20 series engines have adopted an electronic pump, 350 bar SIDI fuel system, two-stage VVL valve path and Miller cycle technology, making the thermal efficiency up to 38.3%, reaching the world's leading level.

The R&D team has designed the most optimized structure and applied the fittest material to cut the engine weight. Finally, the weight of the whole 4N20 engine is 10% lighter than that of the previous generation engine. Moreover, the 4N20 series engines have excellent performance, with the maximum power of 180kW/(5500-6000) rpm and the maximum torque of 385Nm/(1750-4000) rpm. As to the emission, this series engines can meet the China VI b+RDE and Euro VI d standards. The 4N20 series engine leads other domestic engines in the automobile industry in efficiency, performance, energy-saving and environmental protection, and even flushes with the world's top products.

The technology team has integrated P2 module on the conventional transmission and has developed the 9HDCT, the world's first transverse P2 9-speed hybrid wet dual-clutch transmission. In the fuel consumption test as specified in related national standard, the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is decreased by 7% for 9DCT and 70% for 9HDCT when they are compared with other mainstream transmissions.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Wed, 29 Jul 2020
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