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HERE Can Make Driving Safer for Ford Customers

Auto News - Published on Fri, 24 Jan 2020

Image Source: Ford Puma HERE
The new Ford Puma can enable a safer driving experience thanks to new Local Hazard Information powered by HERE Hazard Warnings. The service delivers drivers important targeted information about potential road hazards, accidents and potentially hazardous driving conditions. They are created from sensors onboard of millions of connected vehicles, and not by a driver’s manual input. By the end of 2020, the service will be expanded to more than 80 per cent of Ford’s vehicle line-up.

HERE Hazard Warnings is part of the Connected Vehicle Services suite from HERE Technologies. These are the first services on the market for intelligent and connected vehicle technology which aggregate anonymized high quality, rich and real-time sensor data from connected cars of different vehicle brands. Ford of Europe is also now giving HERE access to traffic-related sensor data from its fleet of connected vehicles for enhanced safety, further expanding the dataset HERE can utilize for the development of these services.

HERE transforms this data into useful and safety-relevant information for drivers and passengers via its location platform. Drivers can receive it with low latency through a car’s instrument cluster or its head-up display unit. In the case of Ford, the functionality is enabled by the FordPass Connect on-board modem through which drivers can receive Local Hazard Information – even without embedded navigation on the multimedia system – either as a background warning or as an urgent pop-up.

As of now HERE receives sensor data for HERE Hazard Warnings and its other connected vehicle services like HERE Real-Time Traffic and HERE Road Signs from more than two million connected cars on the road. As more manufacturers like Ford contribute sensor data to HERE, HERE expects this number to grow continuously over time. Prior to publishing a hazard warning, HERE ensures that a certain quality threshold is reached through one or multiple hazard indication messages.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Fri, 24 Jan 2020
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