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HERE Offers Access to Rich Geospatial Data

Auto News - Published on Mon, 28 Sep 2020

Image Source: HERE Rich Geospatial Data
Leading location data and technology platform HERE Technologies released HERE Data Layers to improve software developer and data scientists’ access to the rich cartographic features and attributes captured within an enterprise-grade mapping platform. HERE Data Layers are standalone geospatial representations of the world’s road networks, pathways, buildings, structures, places, land use and land cover. They serve as a menu for developers and data scientists to select the datasets needed to power today’s location-based functions, applications and customer experiences.

The offering consists of customizable high value urban geospatial data sets in GeoJSON format and can be used in a range of use cases from map display, spatial analytics, business intelligence to AI/ML analysis.

HERE Data Layers include:
Administrative Divisions: Country, State, Province, Municipality, City or Built-up Area.
Building: Man-made building structures with height and corresponding attribution.
Destination Signs: Various destinations visible on a sign and relates such destinations to a specific path in the road network.
Hydrography: Variety of water features (lakes, rivers, oceans, bays).
Land Cover: Content related to the physical coverage of the Earth (woodland, wetlands, grassland, desert, glacier).
Land Use: Content related to the functional usage of the land; it classifies areas of land for use by people.
Navigable Road: Road Network with topology and Navigable Attributes.
Places: Places and points of interest with corresponding location and related attribution.
Traffic Restrictions: Represents specific paths in the road network where legal, logical or physical restrictions apply.
Traffic Signs: Signs along the road used to inform the driver of specific road situations (e.g. Warning Signs, Priority Signs, Stop Signs).

HERE Data Layers is available for all to access via the company’s Freemium developer plan at

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Mon, 28 Sep 2020
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