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Higher Deliveries for Volkswagen Brand in June

Auto News - Published on Thu, 11 Jul 2019

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The Volkswagen brand completed June with higher deliveries. Throughout the world, 542,300 vehicles were handed over to customers, 1.6% more than the same month last year. In predominantly shrinking overall markets, Volkswagen succeeded in maintaining stable market shares or further expanding them. As expected, Volkswagen once again delivered fewer vehicles in Europe following the record values of June 2018. The strong rise of 14.2% in China is a one-off effect resulting from regulatory changes in the overall market. With increases in deliveries by the brand of 9.6% and 13.0% respectively, the USA and Brazil were the strongest individual markets in June. In its home market of Germany, Volkswagen recorded a slight rise in deliveries (+1.0%).

Deliveries in the regions and markets in June developed as follows:

In a generally shrinking overall market in Europe, Volkswagen, as expected, delivered fewer vehicles following the record values as a result of WLTP in May 2018. In total, 168,600 vehicles were handed over to customers, 10.0% fewer than the same month last year. The figure was also affected by special effects in individual markets and restricted delivery capabilities with respect to TSI engines and DSG gearboxes, which are very popular. In Western Europe, the brand recorded a decrease of 9.6% to 145,200 vehicles. The positive trend in the home market of Germany In the month under review, 55,700 vehicles were handed over to customers, 1.0% more than in June 2018. The situation in Central and Eastern Europe was similar to Western Europe. The brand closed the month of June with a drop of 12.1% to a total of 23,400 vehicles delivered.

Developments for Volkswagen in North America were very different. In an overall market which continued to shrink, the brand handed over a total of 47,800 vehicles to customers, a rise of 0.2% compared with June 2018. Once again, the growth driver was the USA. In the largest single market of the region, Volkswagen delivered 31,700 vehicles, 9.6% more than in June 2018. The Tiguan remained Volkswagen’s most successful model in June, while delivery figures of the Atlas doubled compared with the same month last year. SUVs accounted for more than half of all vehicles In Mexico, the brand closed the month with a fall in deliveries of 12.1% to 10,500 vehicles.

In South America, the Volkswagen brand handed over 38,300 vehicles to customers, 1.5% fewer than the same month last year. Brazil remained the strongest and also the largest single market in the region. Here, the brand handed over 31,000 vehicles to customers, recording a rise of 13.0%. Argentina continues to struggle with a difficult situation in the general economy and a severely shrinking overall market. Volkswagen delivered 4,000 vehicles, recording a fall of 50% compared with June 2018, while its market share remained stable.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Volkswagen delivered 275,000 vehicles in June, up 11.6% on June 2018. This development was driven chiefly by China, the largest single market in the region and the brand’s largest single market in the world. The changeover from the homologation standard C5 applicable in China to C6 provided a positive one-off stimulus for the market in general and the Volkswagen brand benefited especially strongly. In a slightly growing overall market, Volkswagen recorded a rise of 14.2%, delivering 261,100 vehicles and further expanding its market share. However, a turnaround in the overall market is not yet in sight.

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Posted By : Mohan Sharma on Thu, 11 Jul 2019
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