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JSW Steel Launches Premium Platina Tinplate

Steel News - Published on Mon, 22 Jul 2019

Image Source: Business Standard
JSW Steel Ltd, targeting packaging industry, has rolled out of premium tinplate brand JSW Platina. Mr Jayant Acharya, Director Commercial, Marketing & Strategy, said that "JSW Steel is the first steel company to introduce continuous annealing technology for making tinplate products in India. This technology ensures availability of world's best quality tin-plate steel for packaging. Our investment of close to INR 1,000 crores in establishing our current tinplate making unit at Tarapur as well as its capacity expansion reflects the burgeoning opportunity for JSW Platina to become a preferred packaging alternative in India in the long term. As a hygienic & eco-friendly packaging product, JSW Platina can help reduce carbon footprint as India moves towards reducing plastic consumption by eliminating single use plastics over next few years. JSW Platina also offers packaging industry a Made in India alternative by offering continuous annealed tinplate which are, so far, entirely imported by packaging manufacturers. Our technologically advanced product is well-positioned to reduce the foreign exchange burden of these manufacturers through import substitution with JSW Platina."

JSW Platina has a wide variety of applications in both food and non-food packaging. It is available as Tinplate & Tin Free Steel in both Single Reduced and Double Reduced variety. DR product is normally Thinner, Stronger, and Brighter, as compared to conventional Single Reduced Tinplate and gives more cans from each ton without compromising strength. Since different applications of JSW Platina requires different degree of hardness for base material, the desired hardness is achieved through a complex process involving Annealing and temper rolling mill/double cold rolling mill conforming to the globally accepted standards. JSW Platina has versatile applicability as a packaging material ranging from Food cans, juices, Coffee Cans, Edible Oils, Ghee and Vanaspati to battery, aerosol cans and crown corks and many others.

The launch of JSW Platina enables JSW Steel to tap the growing opportunity for tinplate products demanded by India's packaging industry. India is one of the countries that have pledged to eliminate single use plastics by 2022. JSW Platina offers a significant opportunity to become the most preferred & sustainable packaging material for the future.

JSW Steel currently has annual cumulative installed capacity of 350,000 tonnes tinplate, out of which 100,000 tonnes is being produced by its JV JSW Vallabh Tinplate and the balance 250,000 tonnes at its newly established tinplate facility at Tarapur in Maharashtra. Given the significant potential for JSW Platina to emerge as a preferred packaging material, JSW Steel is doubling its tinplate capacity at Tarapur to 500,000 tonnes.

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Mon, 22 Jul 2019
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