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KAMAZ Neo 5490 Unmanned Truck Now Operational

Auto News - Published on Tue, 12 Nov 2019

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Zyfra together with Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan and KAMAZ have completed a major international project aimed at developing an autonomous truck tractor based on the KAMAZ-5490 Neo. The project was divided into two stages. During the first stage, Zyfra partially reequipped a motor vehicle and enabled it to move autonomously. The vehicle was equipped with a complex system for autonomous motion. For safety purposes and to ensure that it could scan the environment, the vehicle was equipped with lidars, radars and positioning systems. During the second stage, specialists from Nazarbayev University joined to further develop the unmanned truck on the testing site in Kazakhstan. Developers from the University added a computer vision system to the vehicle’s functionality, which enables the truck to recognize various objects, people, animals, guard railings, road markings, and independently change the route when it comes into contact with such obstacles. In September Zyfra has successfully tested first two autonomous mining dump trucks BELAZ-7513R with a lifting capacity of 130 tons. The vehicles have been deployed in the mines in Khakassia in Eastern Siberia in Russia. As part of the trials, a dump truck worked continuously for 24 hours, completing 500 process cycles, as well as moved along a designated 1,350 m section of the mine, carrying overburden rock.

KAMAZ-5490 Neo has the following differences from the original model: wheelbase increased by 200 mm which allowed optimizing the load distribution between axles, reinforced front suspension with maintenance-free silent blocks instead of bushings and flat top of rear wings (helps to avoid contact with the semitrailer. The basic version of KAMAZ-5490 Neo is equipped with fuel tank of 695 liters. At the customer’s request the fuel reserve can be increased to 1095 liters due to the additional fuel tank capacity of 400 liters, installed instead of the spare wheel holder on the tractor unit frame. KAMAZ-5490 Neo will be still equipped with diesel engines Daimler OM457LA capacity of 401 or 428 HP, combined with 16-speed ZF manual gear box or 12-speed automatic gear box of the same manufacturer. KAMAZ-5490 has been manufactured since 2013. This is the first joint product of KAMAZ and the German Daimler AG.

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Posted By : Arun Huidrom on Tue, 12 Nov 2019
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