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Kia Motors Reveals Inspiration for Kia Xceed

Auto News - Published on Fri, 19 Jul 2019

Image Source: Concept Carz
Kia Motors has revealed the background to the creation of the all-new Kia XCeed urban crossover. Speaking to camera for a new short film, published by Kia, members of the brand’s European design team outline how the new model came into being for the first time. The Kia XCeed is the latest model to join the Ceed line-up, alongside the new five-door hatchback, Sportswagon and ProCeed shooting brake. The full story of the Ceed’s three-generation evolution will be revealed in a new limited-run book, due to be released later this year, including how the all-new Kia XCeed and ProCeed came to life.

Mr Gregory Guillaume, Vice President of Design for Kia Motors Europe, oversaw the design of the new Ceed range, a process in which the brand considered a range of options to replace the previous three-door pro_cee’d hatchback. He said that “While creating the next ProCeed, we realised that there could be a fourth body type within the Ceed line-up. This became the Kia Xceed. The beauty of the project was that we never originally set out to create a crossover.”

Stylish, expressive and modern in design, the Kia XCeed represents a sporty alternative to traditional SUVs. More athletic in appearance than its taller rivals, the new model offers something different to the other models in the Ceed range. The only body panels carried over from its five-door hatchback sibling are the front doors.

Instead, the Kia XCeed’s cab-rearward silhouette and fastback tailgate angle lend the design a coupé-like twist, matched by a relatively long bonnet. While the wheelbase remains the same as other models in the Ceed line-up (2,650 mm), the Kia XCeed’s front and rear overhangs are extended over the five-door hatchback model by 25 mm at the front (to 905 mm) and 60 mm at the rear (to 840 mm). A steeply-angled fastback tailgate, and a rear ‘deck’ trailing edge which sits 60 mm higher than that of the Ceed five-door hatchback, enhances its crossover aesthetic.

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Fri, 19 Jul 2019
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