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Kurds Back Nationalization over Lining Turkish Army's Pockets

Steel News - Published on Mon, 19 Aug 2019

Image Source: Morning Star
Morning Star Online reported that British Steel must be re-nationalized, say Kurdish activists as they warned against the government accepting blood money from the Turkish army who are committing war crimes with jihadist terror groups in Syria. The Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign issued a call for the British government to step in and save the company, which faces liquidation, instead of using the labor of British workers to line the pockets of murderers. It hit out at plans to sell British Steel to the investment arm of the Turkish Armed Forces Assistance Fund Oyak, which was named as the preferred bidder by the British government. British based Kurdish and Turkish organization Gik-Der said the sale was a reflection of the dirty relationship going on behind the scenes between Turkey and the British government. It warned the Turkish army is responsible for many brutal massacres both historically and today, targeting thousands of ethnic minorities.

It said “The Turkish army is not only a military force but also represents an important part of the capital of Turkey through its major company Oyak. This purchase is a clear sign of how militarised not only the Turkish government is but also the militarised direction the capital of Turkey is following. The message the UK government is giving to the world through this deal is clear. Our doors are open to all types of dictatorship regimes as long as they bring in capital.”

KSC said the sale of British Steel to Oyak would see the company run for the profit of Turkey’s military which is widely linked to jihadist terror groups and the Free Syrian Army.

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Posted By : Sanju Moirangthem on Mon, 19 Aug 2019
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