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Mason Graphite commissions its pilot plant for Li-Ion batteries

Mining News - Published on Thu, 23 May 2019

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Mason Graphite Inc announced the commissioning of its Li-ion battery materials pilot plant and provides an update with respect to recent activities of its Value-Added Products. In parallel with the Lac Gueret Project, Mason Graphite continues to advance its highly strategic coated spherical graphite project for Li-ion batteries, and since the beginning of 2019, new milestones have been achieved on this project.

An integrated operation

The future coated spherical graphite and VAP plant (2nd transformation) would be connected to the concentrator (1st transformation) located in Baie-Comeau and would be fed with the concentrate produced by the latter. Mason Graphite would thus be fully integrated, from the mine site to coated spherical graphite, thus serving the international Li-ion battery market from its operations in Quebec. Once these operations are completed, Mason Graphite would be the North American leader, and a major international player, in the supply chain of transportation electrification and energy storage, two markets that, according to several independent research firms, such as Industrial Minerals and Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, have potentially high growth prospects.

The technical and economic study on the VAP

Mason Graphite has started a technical and economic study on the future VAP plant. This study, which will be spread over several months, aims to industrialize VAP processes, maximize reuse of reagents and define effluent treatment needs. The preliminary engineering will be carried out, allowing the investment and operation costs to be evaluated with an accuracy of ± 25% and then to confirm the profitability of the project. This study will be produced by our internal resources and long-standing external partners Soutex and BBA.

Pilot plant, scaling and process reproducibility

The Company is pleased to announce the recent commissioning of its brand-new pilot plant for micronisation, spheronisation and classification. This pilot plant, located in the Quebec City region, will be used to produce spherical graphite samples in large quantities for potential customers with whom the Company is in discussions. This plant will significantly reduce sample delivery times and tailor product specifications to users' highly diverse specifications. Photos of this pilot plant are available at q4web-prod-contentcache-us-east-1-i-079fd6ba3c96162d1 /projects/photo-gallery/default.aspx

To supply this pilot plant, 350 kg of 99.95% purified graphite has been produced at COREM facilities in the last few months and another 500 kg batch is being prepared. These products were developed from fine concentrates generated during a pilot run in winter 2018 with ore from the Lac Gueret deposit, which generated several tons of concentrate.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 23 May 2019
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