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Mechel Southern Kuzbass Coal Launches High Pressure Hose for Use in Mines

Coal News - Published on Thu, 10 Sep 2020

Image Source: Mechel Southern Kuzbass Coal
Mechel Group’s Southern Kuzbass Coal Company acquired a facility for testing high-pressure hose used in hydraulic equipment. The new acquisition cost over three million rubles. High-pressure hose are used in hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, boring machines and heavy-duty trucks as flexible conduit for oils, fuel, gases and emulsions. A specialized department at Southern Kuzbass Coal Company has been producing pressure hose for equipment used at the company’s open pits since 2018. Now, thanks to the option of testing them at the new facility, the company will be able to use the hose underground as well, at powered supports, mining and tunneling machines.

The hose are tested for tightness, possible deformation and other specifics under pressure that is nearly double the maximum operating pressure. A special module records the data received during testing. The facility is intended to work with pressure of 150 to 1,300 bar, is equipped with sensory control and a system of quick installment for the tested product.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Thu, 10 Sep 2020
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