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Mexico auto exports in January to November up by 5.8pct

Auto News - Published on Fri, 14 Dec 2018

Image Source: MexicoNow
Mexico's automotive industry, one of the key steel consuming sectors, kept gradually weakening, showing negative results in domestic sales and production. Only exports stayed strong, with the US contributing the most to the growth. According to the Mexico National Institute of Statistics and Geography, foreign shipments, which constituted more than three-quarters of total sales, were estimated at 273,763 vehicles (down by 5.78% YoY) in November.

Later, INEGI and Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry said that the export figure did not include the Toyota shipments. With these taken into account, total exports were 289,982 units, meaning a marginal drop of 0.2%. However, year-to-date output increased by 5.79% to almost 3.2 million units, Metal Expert learnt. Eduardo Solis, AMIA Americas president, mentioned that exports to the United States so far this year increased 9.3%, which he described as “positive” considering that this market is not growing. “This means that we are gaining market share and today we already have 15% in light vehicles,” local media quote Solis as saying.

Domestic sales decreased to 133,791 vehicles, down by 5.4% versus November 2017, posting a negative dynamics for 18 consecutive months. Year-to-date sales went down by 6.72% to 1.3 million units.

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Posted By : Joykumar Irom on Fri, 14 Dec 2018
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