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Meyer Turku Moves Delivery of Costa Smeralda to November

Logistic News - Published on Thu, 19 Sep 2019

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Meyer Turku is moving the delivery of Costa Smeralda from mid-October to mid-November. With its new cruise ship LNG propulsion system and many sophisticated rooms with stage and audio/video equipment the complexity and sophistication of the ship is very high in order to create a unique Costa-style passenger experience. Aside from its unique design features also its size of 180 000 GT is impressive and much larger than the recently built ships at Turku shipyard. In getting this all to work together with many involved persons and companies, Meyer Turku had a slower progress speed than needed, despite counter-actions. Meyer Turku apologizes to all that are affected by this change.

With the new time frame, Meyer Turku is going to deliver a highly sophisticated cruise ship in the usual high Meyer Turku quality.

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Posted By : Mohan Sharma on Thu, 19 Sep 2019
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