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Mining to restart at Rajhara colliery - Mr Ram

Coal News - Published on Fri, 15 Feb 2019

Image Source: The Hindu
Daily Pioneer reported that Palamu BJP MP Mr VD Ram has made a big claim that this February 23, the closed Rajhara open cast mine will be re opened for mining of high quality of coal. Mr Ram said that “This colliery stands closed since 2011. It was closed because of the inundation caused there by a river Sadabah that flows too near the mining area. The inundation had then occurred when the mining work was in progress. One shovel of this colliery was drowned. There was however no loss of life.”

The MP quoting officials of this colliery said, “The directorate general of mines safety invoked section 22 (3) of the Mines Act 1952 and got the colliery shutdown.” He said he and colliery officials too worked hard for its revival when in 2015 there was a partial vacation of the shutdown order but nevertheless the big stretch of this colliery remained un-mined even then which will now be revived on/ from February 23. Reminded that there has yet to reach environmental clearance and consent to operate for the restart MP vouched “ I am saying this with utmost confidence that environmental clearance and consent to operate are in the pipe line and will soon reach this mining establishment here at Rajhara.”

Sources said that Rajhara coal is the finest coal as it is a smokeless one. For the BJP MP V D Ram its restart carries huge political benefits for him at this time when the Lok Sabha election is so close as his promise to his electorates to get opened Japla cement factory in his Lok Sabha constituency Japla got washed out since its equipment installed in this cement factory at Japla were auctioned to the highest bidder under order of the High Court Patna.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Fri, 15 Feb 2019
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