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MMK Group Trading Update for Q3 2018

Steel News - Published on Thu, 18 Oct 2018

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MMK Group’s total sales of finished products in Q3 2018 totalled 3,052 thousand tonnes, up 7.2% quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q). MMK Group’s sales of HVA products in Q3 2018 were 1,351 thousand tonnes, down 2.1% q-o-q. HVA products accounted for 44.3% of total sales. MMK Coal’s coal concentrate production in Q3 2018 totalled 808 thousand tonnes, up 8.3% q-o-q.

MMK Group’s total sales of finished products in 9M 2018 totalled 8,728 thousand tonnes, down 0.7% year-on-year (y-o-y). MMK Group’s sales of HVA products in 9M 2018 were 4,077 thousand tonnes, up 1.8% y-o-y. The share of HVA products in total sales increased to 46.7%. MMK Coal’s coal concentrate production in 9M 2018 totalled 2,220 thousand tonnes, up 13.0% y-o-y.

Outlook - The Company expects that sales volumes and prices in Q4 2018 will be affected by the seasonal decline in business activity on the domestic market and the ongoing correction in global steel prices.
The Company will offset these factors by higher operational efficiency following the completion of all scheduled maintenance work and lower cost of sales for steel production (higher share of pig iron in burden).

??? Group: Consolidated results
HeadingQ3 2018Q2 2018%9M 20189M 2017%
Finished products sales, of which:305228487.20%87288790-0.70%
Long products3863646.00%1 0341 0320.10%
Flat hot-rolled products1315110319.20%36173749-3.50%
Thick plate (mill 5000)2081956.70%595598-0.50%
Flat cold-rolled products3012788.60%917993-7.60%
Downstream products, of which:842909-7.30%256524166.20%
Tin plate2737-28.70%100946.40%
Galvanised steel414445-7.10%129412692.00%
Polymer-coated steel177203-13.20%53246713.90%
Formed section504024.30%1257859.90%
Other metal products232017.40%57545.60%
HVA products13511381-2.10%407740061.80%
Share of HVA products44.30%48.50%46.70%45.60%
Coal concentrate production8087468.30%2220196513.00%
Iron ore production8247805.60%23552430-3.10%

In thousand tonnes

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Thu, 18 Oct 2018
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