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MMK Improves Production Process Scheduling

Steel News - Published on Thu, 09 Jul 2020

Image Source: MMK Just-in-time
Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works continues to implement the Just-in-time logistics concept, one of the key elements of MMK Group's Development Strategy up to 2025. An important milestone in the implementation of the strategic Just-in-time logistics concept was the development and implementation of an automated operational scheduling system in cooperation with ITC Ausferr. Thanks to the introduction of the automated operational scheduling system, it is now possible to calculate the shipment date at the time of accepting an order which is useful on both sides of the process. It is also possible to schedule the production and shipment of the order for the client and production personnel and to create a client portal, where the client can see all the relevant information and track the progress of their order through the plant online. With the introduction of the automated operational scheduling system, the delivery window, the period during which the order must be fulfilled, has been reduced. Thus, the plant is closer to the implementation of the Just-in-time logistics concept, which is fully coordinated with the Company's production work allowing it to produce and deliver any product to clients in a predetermined time, as well as to save money by reducing variable costs and warehouse maintenance.

MMK is also currently implementing a set of methodological, organisational and technical measures to achieve a set level of KPI for planning, managing production and shipping steel products. Projects for further development of the mobile sales assistant are under development.

The target of delivering 70% of orders to the client within three days of the given "delivery window" was reached and even exceeded. In June 2020, the average figure across MMK was 72%. At the same time, a number of key divisions showed even higher results (90% at long product shop and 80% at sheet rolling shop No. 5).

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Thu, 09 Jul 2020
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